Business Licenses/Occupational Tax Certificates

The Building Division of Troup County’s Building, Planning, and Zoning Department is also responsible for issuing new business licenses / occupational tax certificates, as well as, renewing existing business licenses / occupational tax certificates.

Who needs a business license / occupation tax certificate in Troup County?

Anyone doing any type of business in unincorporated Troup County is required to have a business license / occupational tax certificate. Business licenses can only be obtained through the Building, Zoning and Planning Department Office. No other entity or business is authorized to issue a Troup County business licenses. You can download a copy of the Doing Business in Troup County, Georgia document for information and contacts on doing business in Troup County.

Completed applications for new businesses must be brought to the Building Department at the Troup County Government Center (100 Ridley Avenue, First Floor, Suite 1300, Lagrange, GA). New applications are not accepted by email, fax, online, or by postal service. If a state license is required for your business, you must provide a copy with your application. Additional information may be required, depending on the type of business you are operating and/or the location of your business. All business locations must meet the necessary requirements of a Troup County Fire Department inspection and a Troup County Building Department inspection. Processing time varies, but usually takes one (1) to two (2) weeks. All business licenses expire on December 31st. You must renew your license before January 1st of each year.

For more information on "Occupational Licenses, Taxes, and Regulations”, Click Here, for Chapter 50 of the Troup County Code of Ordinances.

For more information on “Home Occupations” and “Rural Home Occupations”, Click Here, for Appendix A, Article V, Sections 5.5 & 5.6 of the Troup County Code of Ordinances.

The following permit and/or applications are available for your convenience, with instructions about the application process detailed below. If you have questions about these forms or the application process, please call +706 883 1650 for more information.

Renewal Notice for Business License & Occupational Tax Certificate Forms

New Business License & Occupational Tax Certificate Application Packet Forms

Home Occupation Business License Packet Forms

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