Building & Licensing

The Building and Zoning department is responsible for issuing various building permits for new residential & new commercial construction, structural repairs & alterations, additions & renovations to existing structures, accessory & storage buildings, garages & carports, telecommunication towers, swimming pools, driveway construction, and State of Georgia required erosion & sediment control plans.

The Building and Zoning department also conducts inspections related to the proper construction and maintenance of buildings in Troup County. These inspections help ensure the safety, health, and general welfare of Troup County citizens by enforcing the State of Georgia mandated Standard Building Codes in relation to building construction, fire prevention, general site work, housing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, manufactured homes, swimming pools, development & design standards, building setback requirements, proper zoning standards, and flood plain regulations.

The Building and Zoning department is also responsible for issuing new business licenses, renewing existing business licenses, issuing new licenses to sell beer and/or wine, and renewing existing licenses to sell beer and/or wine.