Geographic Information Services

Troup County began transitioning to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies using ESRI® software in 2009. The GIS Mapping office was formally established in July 2010. New high quality digital orthophotography (aerials) with 4” resolution was acquired in February 2020 - the first image update in eleven years – along with planimetric data. Topography using 2’ contours were acquired in February 2009.

July 2015, Troup County contracted with the City of LaGrange for GIS services. GIS services include helping Troup County E-911 and emergency responders locate callers, property appraisers accurately maintain fair and equitable property values, school buses and other transportation find efficient routes and utility companies maintain infrastructure records. Many local professionals like Realtors® depend on map data to serve their clients. A few interactive web maps are made available and can be found at Interactive Web Maps.

Also, it is the County's responsibility for assigning addresses as well as address changes for new developments, homes, businesses, etc. in the unincorporated county. Address assignment is coordinated with adjacent entities to ensure coordinated addresses. Accurate address assignment and display is critical for all kinds of service delivery and navigation, especially public safety services. Address assignments are guided by the County’s comprehensive Address Assignment and Display Ordinance. The County's Building & Inspections office is responsible for implementing and enforcing the address display. If you need additional information, please visit Street Address Assignments.

Popular map products include aerials, parcel maps, roads, address ranges, and specialty zone maps.

We are constantly improving the quality of our products and services. Please email questions and suggestions (especially road name and address corrections) to