Two Rivers RC&D

Today, there are more than 368 independent Resource Conservation and Development Councils in the United States.

In Georgia, the Two Rivers RC&D Council is one of eleven Councils incorporated as non-profits under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Each is uniquely different in terms of identifying objectives and prioritizing goals and the priorities are planned, guided and directed by local citizens from all walks of life. Whether it be county commission representatives or members from soil and water conservation district boards, each representative or committee member brings fresh ideas to the table which help bring vibrancy to their communities, while protecting the natural resources we all depend on.

This local approach to problem solving sets the RC&D Program apart from other programs. Its success can be attributed to the cadre of dedicated volunteers determined to protect and improve the quality of life in rural Georgia.

Self-directed volunteerism and citizenship is the true cornerstone concept of Resource Conservation and Development.